Math’s is everywhere in our lives

Math’s isn’t just for exams. Maths is for life no matter what we do. Math’s has a huge effect on all our lives. Just think of the things that wouldn’t be possible without Math’s. Creating spending budgets, paying for groceries, buying things on sale, and cooking meals all must deal with Math’s in some way or another. One must be able to measure out ingredients, count money, and determine limits when it comes to certain tasks like the examples above. People never realise how much Math’s is around them until they take a step back and look.

The Beauty of Mathematics

Students at Reach study Edexcel GCSE Mathematics (9-1) 1MA1. The Examination is two tiered: Foundation and Higher. It is made up of three written papers. Paper 1 is a non-calculator while Paper 2 and 3 are both calculators. Each paper is marked out of 80 and the total is combined for the final score. Students can score grade 1-5 on the Foundation and 4-9 on the Higher. Student are taught three lessons of Maths a week. On joining, we assess students’ numeracy skills through baseline testing and tracking.

Exams Techniques: Scan the paper quickly and identify the questions you feel very confident about. Start with these questions. Keep in mind the allocated marks indicate the steps needs to answer the questions. So 3 marks means three things you need to do. Also watch the time, every mark is equivalent to 1 minute.

Each paper is allocated 80 marks. Ensure you attempt all questions and show your working. Check if answers make sense.

Revision: Make sure you have the time to revise. You can use the revision time table given to help you do that. You can use MyMaths and/or ActiveLearn to revise or the revision booklet provided. Most importantly you must allocate time to do the revision and stick to it.

The following websites are great for revision:

Mathsgenei a good source of past exam questions and revision videos organised by topic or grade.

Past papers: There is not a lot of past papers as this is a new specifications. Try these sites for available papers.